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The 2017 CACC Show was another great success.  Thanks to all participants and Club Members on behalf of our Charities.

Click on Cross Flag Emblem for a time line of each generation Corvette.
                           C1 1953-1962                        C2 1963-1967                       C3 1968-1982                          C4 1984-1996
                                                C5 1997-2004                        C6 2005-2013                      C7 2014-Present
Did you know that there are only 12 different base colors of Corvette? 
Click on Corvette picture links below to see the many different versions of each base color for every generation.
                    Yellow                      Red                          Blue                            Green                       Black                     White
                   Orange                     Gold                      Silver                   Brown                      Gray                     Purple