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CACC Beneficiaries

       Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries is a non-profit therapy center that utilizes horses as a 
therapy tool to increase specific motor, sensory, speech, and behavior/social 
responses. It is a place where individuals with disabilities and their families 
can create strong animal and human bonds and experience overwhelming 
therapy success. We are more than a unique therapy environment. 
Our staff and volunteers are focused on community education, building 
self confidence and supplying necessary tools for independence that are 
specific to each client and their family needs.

        We currently have 12 nationally registered hippotherapists 
(physical, occupational and speech therapist) that practice at 
Beyond Boundaries.  Our therapeutic riding coordinator holds an Advanced 
Instructor Training Level and there are only two in Arkansas.

       Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Arkansas(RMHCA) provides a home
that serves and sustains families of children being treated at area hospitals and
supports community programs that serve the needs of children. While we cannot
make the medicine taste any better or take away painful treatments, our programs
help lessen the burden families carry and ensure they have the stability and
resources to keep their child healthy and happy.

       The Central Arkansas Corvette Club (CACC) of Arkansas is involved in one of
the many programs the RMH Supper Club. After a long day at the hospital, nothing
is better than coming back to a home cooked meal. With the hundreds of worries
thatcome with having a critically ill child, dinner should not be one of them. This is
a source of stress the Ronald McDonald House is trying to eliminate through the 
Supper Club. You can help out our families by cooking a meal so that they can
focuson what is really important...their child. CACC members come together and
decorate the dinner tables, provide a wonderful hot meal and wonderful desserts
and let the residence see CACC members beautiful cars, take pictures and enjoy
time with themembers. This is one charity that CACC continues to participate and
now in the second year of donating time to these wonderful families                           

Arkansas Freedom Fund
Founded by Mark Leonard, with Don Kennedy and Fred Stuebe as founding board members in September 2010. After coordinating the WWP Soldier Ride Arkansas portion of Soldier Ride from 2005 through 2009.  The need was there to continue after the WWP departure from Arkansas.  Through their leadership and generous sponsors we have grown to what you see today.
We are a non-partisan, non-political organization and do not support any political candidate. We are non-denominational but we do support one nation under God and our US Military made up of all Americans.

The AFF wants to help our Arkansas Veterans get outdoors and be active and healthy. We also assist charitable organizations in Arkansas that support our military, veterans and families of those who served. Making it possible for Arkansas's veterans to receive the help or direction they need and deserve.
Our mission:
The Arkansas Freedom Fund exists to serve and support activities that benefit our military, veterans, wounded veterans, and their families.

Our Goal:
To assist our veterans get stronger, go faster and not be a statistic of loss or failure. If they can dream it, we want to help it happen.

        Spina Bifida Support Group of Arkansas

The mission of the Spina Bifida Support Group of Arkansas is to provide all 
support possible to persons with spina bifida and their families who reside within 
the State of Arkansas."

         Spina Bifida Support Group of Arkansas was formally known as "The Spina 
Bifida Association of Arkansas". Since then we have changed our name and are 
looking forward to provide quality support for all our Arkansas Spina Bifida families. 


         We provide support by peer support by phone or online or in-person, assisting 
with travel expenses related to major medical issues or related hardships, minor 
home modifications, support group meetings, family gatherings and education, as 
well as scholarships.